Personalised Support

Intervention Solutions with Mirodo

Elevate your intervention strategies with Mirodo. Whether in the classroom, in smaller group settings or even at home, Mirodo provides targeted support. With personalised learning paths and real-time progress tracking, you can support pupils with timely and effective interventions.

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Practice Questions

Build confidence with access to over 70,000 practice questions for Maths, English and Science.

Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with video lessons across all topics to boost understanding.


High quality and targeted assessments help build a personalised learning path.


Access clear insights and track progress with instant marking and feedback.

Independent Learning

Support classroom intervention with Mirodo's tailored learning path. Pupils can access personalised tasks designed to boost progress.

Targeted Tasks

Mirodo boosts KS2 progress with targeted tasks designed to specifically address any gaps in understanding.

Different ways to use Mirodo for Intervention

Discover how Mirodo enables intervention in multiple settings. From small classroom groups to independent learning, Mirodo offers tailored tasks to meet each pupil's unique needs, boosting progress and building confidence.

Real-time Feedback


GoLive is a live feedback tool which can be used within the classroom. Access 70,000+ questions and get real-time feedback to support your formative assessment. Clear up any misconceptions and see exactly where the gaps are for every topic.

Perfect for Homework

Independent Learning

Mirodo sets targeted and personalised learning goals which adapt to consolidate and extend their understanding in Maths and English. Pupils can work on these goals independently and work on plugging gaps- even at home!

Targeted Support

Intervention groups

Mirodo can support with smaller intervention groups. Identify and address any gaps in learning with regular short but effective assessments on Mirodo. Use the video lessons to consolidate learning and to provide intervention.

School Testimonials

Hear from schools using Mirodo

The main strength of this platform is its videos. These are clear and engaging, with worked examples and a useful summary. It is both teacher- and child-friendly and although it is aesthetically pleasing, does not distract from the mathematical understanding.

Mathematical Association

Supporting Mathematics in Education

The platform is easy to use for both teachers and pupils, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Thomas Kowalski

AHT, St Clare's Primary

It’s a game-changer! It’s an opportunity for learning to be consolidated both inside and outside the classroom.

Kiron Kular

AHT, Dilkes Academy