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How Does Mirodo Work?

Find out how Mirodo can guide your child's learning journey with tailored practice in Maths, English, and Science.


Thousands of practice questions

Mirodo has been designed by experts to help children aged 7 to 11 build Maths, English and Science skills. Whether your child needs extra support or a challenge, Mirodo can help. Our learning platform will adapt to your child. From building the foundations to getting ahead, we’ve got it covered.

Every Topic Covered

Animated video lessons

Access Mirodo’s bank of Maths and English video lessons, specifically created for pupils from Year 3 to Year 6. Trusted by 1000s of teachers and covering all topics, our engaging videos support learning and understanding.

Real-Time Reports

Follow their progress

All tasks are instantly marked making it easy to identify your child's areas of strength and topics to improve on. View progress at any time with access to a full range of reports, to see how your child is performing across all topics.

Easy to Use

Build confidence

Mirodo will adapts to your child's needs, setting personalised goals and rewards. Support your child to address gaps, build confidence and stay motivated.

National Curriculum Aligned

Every topic covered

Aligned to the UK curriculum, we've got you covered. From Spelling and Grammar to Arithmetic and Problem Solving, Mirodo will help your child develop the skills they’re learning in school.

Tried and Tested

Loved by teachers, pupils and parents

Recommended by my daughter's school, has really helped her improve her confidence.



Great tool at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend it!



Mirodo was recommended by a friend. My son loves it as it allows him to use it at his own pace and finds it engaging & fun.



Learn with Mirodo

Build a Learning Plan

Start your child’s learning journey with a quick initial assessment where Mirodo will identify any gaps in understanding. Mirodo will adapt to the pace of your child, ensuring they are always engaged and challenged. With a personalised learning plan and regular practice, your child can work towards their goals.

Regular Practice

Practice makes progress! With just 20 minutes a day, your child will develop key skills and build confidence in Maths, English and Science. Whether you are looking to fill in gaps in understanding, build a solid foundation or get ahead, Mirodo has you covered.

Track Progress

No more waiting for Parent's Evening. Check-in with your child's progress at any time through your dedicated Parent's Dashboard. All tasks are instantly marked and provide feedback. See how your child is doing for every topic, and identify their strengths and areas of focus.

Boost Results & Confidence

Mirodo will support your child to grasp key concepts, build understanding and fluency in Maths, Science and English.

Kickstart your child’s learning journey with Mirodo!

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Created by Teachers

Year 3 and 4

Build a solid foundation in Maths and English and address any gaps in understanding earlier. Mirodo will support you to improve key skills and help your child develop confidence.

Key Features:

  • KS2 Curriculum Covered

  • Video Lessons

  • Fun and Engaging

Year 5 and 6

Consolidate skills in Maths and English. Mirodo’s engaging learning platform will help your child strengthen key topics and build confidence as they reach the end of Primary School.

Key Features:

  • Develop understanding

  • Track Progress

  • Build confidence

SATs Preparation

Raise KS2 SATs results with an adaptive and personalised approach. Mirodo will support your child to build familiarity through SATs style questions and practice tests.

Key Features:

  • Targeted SATs support

  • Get ready for Secondary

  • Improve SATs results


What age is Mirodo suitable for?

Mirodo is suitable for children Years 3–6 (Ages 7-11). The platform uses adaptive technology which means that questions are displayed at an optimal level of difficulty for your child. This ensures they are challenged without becoming demotivated.

My child is in Year 1 / Year 2. Can we use Mirodo?

Mirodo is an adaptive learning platform designed to support children studying in Years 3–6. We generally would not recommend children younger than Year 3 use the platform, although there may be exceptions to this. Please contact if you would like further advice.

My child is in Year 7 / Year 8 / Year 9. Can we use Mirodo?

Your child can use Mirodo in Year 7. However, our content is only mapped to early Key Stage 3 topics to help children in Year 6 prepare for the transition to Secondary school. If your child is close to completing Year 7 or above, they may not find the content challenging enough.

Do you offer tuition or additional services?

Yes! You can arrange tuition with us on top of your regular subscription. Using your Mirodo data, our tuition team will discuss a plan using either group or one-to-one sessions to supplement your child's learning. You can choose from either short or long-term packages. All packages includes weekly homework provided by our specialist tutors. You can try a group lesson for free! Click on Primary tuition under the main navigational bar at the top of the page and book your free lesson from there. Alternatively, reach out to our supportive team on 0800 634 5868 or send us an email at

Do I need to help my child when they’re working on Mirodo?

No, our platform is designed for your child to use independently. It’s accessible and easy to navigate, with videos to help them build and consolidate their knowledge. If you would like to further support your child, you have access to progress reports and topics for improvement.

How can I measure my child’s progress?

You’ll see in-depth data from your parent dashboard, including your child’s results for every topic and the depth of their understanding. This is available via your child's progress reports.

How long should my child be working on the platform?

The amount of time your child should spend on Mirodo will depend on their individual goals. The little and often approach tends to have the greatest impact on balancing progress with long-term engagement, so we recommend consistently spending 20 minutes on Mirodo each day.