Boost progress for Maths and English Years 3 - 6

Mirodo the all-in-one platform to build confidence and develop key skills.

Award Winning Platform

The online platform that will transform learning.

Everyone has their own unique learning journey. Mirodo provides a clear picture of topics and areas to work on and provides a personalised learning path.

Practice Questions

Build confidence with access to over 70,000 practice questions for Maths, English and Science.

Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with video lessons across all topics to boost understanding.


Make learning fun and engaging with Mirodo’s learning goals and rewards.


High quality and targeted assessments help build a personalised learning path.


Access clear insights and track progress with instant marking and feedback.


Mindfulness tools to promote well being and focus.

Practice makes progress!

Boost Progress

Each child is unique. Mirodo builds a personalised plan to target specific gaps in understanding. Identify and plug gaps earlier with Mirodo’s powerful intervention tool, Mirodo will help pupils develop key skills in English and Maths to boost KS2 performance.

Personalised learning goals

Independent Learning

Boost confidence and fluency! Mirodo is designed to encourage independent learning. With a tailored plan created for each child, Mirodo can support with independent learning and help to develop progress outside the classroom.

Tried and Tested Content

KS2 Curriculum Covered

Mirodo has a unique question bank with over 70,000+ differentiated questions. With content from Year 3 to Year 6, all aligned to the National Curriculum, there's no need to search for resources. We've got you covered for Maths, Reading, GPS and Science!

Why Mirodo? Hear from teachers and parents...

We liked the wide range of questions and the coverage of the curriculum. The site worked really well as end of unit checks to see if there were still misconceptions.

Ecton Brook Primary School

Amanda Tew, Teacher

I love especially how Mirodo analysis the pupil's progress, and more importantly where the gaps are in their learning, so I can clearly see what I need to address in my teaching. I feel you [really have] at the heart of Mirodo the understanding of how you could give a worthwhile intervention for pupils and equally support us hardworking teachers.

English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

Marion Carroll, Teacher

The package really is what it says it is and the customer service is second to none. I really can’t recommend the product or the company enough.

Bede Community Primary School

Beverley McCallion

It's been great to help my child in Year 5. I wanted something to help with spelling and Mirodo has helped with this.



My daughter has been using Mirodo for a few months now, she likes the video lessons and enjoys going on it regularly.



Mirodo was recommended to me. We have found the programme to be useful and it has helped with Maths for my son.